Ron McCabe - Owner/ General Contractor

John Kessler- Superintendent/Drilling Expert

And our team of skilled professionals to repair your home....stress free!


State of Florida License #CGC1518402
Hernando County Occupational License
Copies are available upon request.

Insurance and Warranty
Worker’s compensation, general liability, business auto policies and warranty statement copies are available upon request.
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Scope of Service
Florida Living, LLC will contact the policyholder within 24-48 hours to set up a personal contact meeting. We will schedule a site inspection for a time that is convenient with the owner. Because of the urgent and critical nature of foundation and sinkhole repairs, we help insurance adjusters and homeowners by providing them with prompt service, efficient communication, and immediate execution of tasks. We understand the insurance industry, and we comply with all service requirements, provide expert consultation, and offer prompt and efficient repair proposals. Adjusters can expect to receive our repair proposal immediately after our review of the engineering report.